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If you’re among the 10-15% of couples who struggle with infertility, you know how devastating and frustrating it can be. At Pacifica Health, with three offices in the East Hollywood and Chinatown neighborhoods of Los Angeles and in Monterey Park, California, the experienced providers offer infertility services for couples that are having trouble conceiving. Call one of the offices to arrange an appointment or request one online to have a comprehensive infertility workup and to get support in working toward a solution to your fertility challenges.

Infertility Services Q & A

Who benefits from infertility services?

If you’re under 35, you may need infertility services if you’re not pregnant after actively trying with unprotected sex for an entire year. Women who are 35 and older may be diagnosed with infertility after six months of actively trying to conceive. 

What are the causes of infertility?

In one-third of infertility cases, a problem with the woman is the cause and in another third of cases, a problem is with the man. In the last third of cases, it’s a combination of male and female issues that are standing in the way of pregnancy or the cause just can’t be determined. 

At Pacifica Health, the OB/GYNs conduct an extensive evaluation to determine the cause of your infertility. With expert support and treatment, many couples go on to have healthy pregnancies.

What evaluative infertility services are offered?

Women undergo a number of screening tests to determine if there’s a problem with hormones or reproductive organs that is causing infertility. 

You may have any of the following tests:

  • Blood tests that assess your hormone levels and check for infection
  • Ultrasounds to look for structural problems with organs and check for ovulation
  • Comprehensive health exam that includes a pelvic exam 
  • Discussion of lifestyle habits

The doctors may also recommend a hysterosalpingogram to evaluate the health of your fallopian tubes, which – if a blockage is found – can be unblocked during the procedure. 

The man will be evaluated for sperm quality and quantity, as well as lifestyle habits and overall health.

How do infertility services help with treatment?

Changing certain lifestyle habits may help boost your fertility. This includes helping both partners achieving a more healthy weight (if either is overweight or obese) and improving nutritional habits. 

Stopping the use of tobacco and drugs is also important. If you or your partner is under a lot of stress, then stress reduction and relaxation techniques can also help. 

Some women benefit from oral hormones or other medications that stimulate ovulation. If a growth or scar tissue is discovered in the reproductive organs, minimally invasive surgery can remove the tissue and restore fertility.

If you don’t find success with more conservative methods, the providers at Pacifica Health may recommend more advanced infertility services, like intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization.

Pacifica Health is ready to help if you’re struggling with infertility. Call the nearest office for an appointment or use the online tool today.