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Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it’s also filled with questions and some apprehension. During your pregnancy, get compassionate, quality support from the OB/GYNs at Pacifica Health, with locations in the East Hollywood and Chinatown neighborhoods of Los Angeles and in Monterey Park, California. If you’re pregnant or think you might be pregnant, call the nearest office today to set up your appointment or book online so you can get started with important prenatal care.

Pregnancy Q & A

What does pregnancy care entail?

Pacifica Health provides comprehensive pregnancy care. Included in your visits are:

  • General checkups for the mom and baby
  • Lifestyle support, including nutrition, prenatal vitamins, and exercise recommendations
  • Screening tests for mom and baby
  • Treatment for common pregnancy ailments
  • Support for pregnancy problems or complications
  • Labor and delivery planning, counseling, and support

If you have questions at any point during your pregnancy or need special care, the doctors at Pacifica Health are always available to offer assistance.

How frequently will I come in for prenatal visits?

Your pregnancy care is customized for you and is based on the baby’s health, your health, your age, and any risk factors. 

Most healthy women with routine pregnancies can expect to come in for prenatal care:

  • Once every month from weeks 8-28
  • Once every two weeks from weeks 28-36
  • Once a week from week 36 through delivery

If you have a high-risk pregnancy due to maternal age or your baby’s health concerns, you may come in more frequently.

What happens during pregnancy visits?

Your first pregnancy visit includes a pelvic exam, Pap smear, and blood and urine testing. The staff records your weight, blood pressure, and height, and the doctor estimates your due date.

Going forward, you won’t undergo pelvic exams but will have your weight checked and your abdomen measured. The doctor checks your baby’s heart rate and orders periodic ultrasounds to check the baby's development, position, and gender.

At specific appointments throughout your pregnancy, you undergo screening tests for conditions like gestational diabetes. The staff at Pacifica Health explains what will happen at upcoming visits so you know what to expect.

Does pregnancy care include delivery?

Your provider continues to care for you during the exciting time that you go into labor and are ready to bring your baby into the world. They follow your prearranged birth plan unless complications arise and you need different medical interventions.

Pacifica Health is also ready to provide you with postnatal care and answer questions about breastfeeding, recovery from childbirth, and postnatal health.

To schedule your pregnancy care, call one of the offices of Pacifica Health or use the online tool to schedule today.